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Why Posting on Instagram Consistently is Important…

Tips | July 27, 2018

So you’ve been trying to increase your leads through Instagram for a while now. You see others do it, and everyone else makes it look so easy.

But for some reason, results keep eluding you. Every time you feel close to figuring it out, you just end up back where you started.

Not this time.

Because this time you are going to get the same professional tips that we use for ourselves at Kodo Media.

Why you should post often

The biggest benefit to posting often is it’s the best way to get more followers and to build brand loyalty. Posting new content regularly keeps your audience engaged with you. Every time you post something new, it creates a new opportunity for followers and potential followers to interact.

The result is that the more you post, the more your following grows. And that means more prospective leads for your business.

Why it works

Instagram marketing is a little different from other types of marketing. You can’t use your images to link to products or offers, unlike with other social media platforms. This is not a drawback, though. It’s just a different way of marketing. It’s building a connection with your audience and letting them come to you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Of course, there are some Instagram posting tips that will help you capture those leads so they don’t slip away.

First, put a link to your website or inventory in your profile. You can’t link in your posts, but you can remind followers that your web link is available.

Second, respond immediately when prospects reach out to you with questions or comments. Providing interaction builds a connection that makes people more likely to want to do business with you.

Finally, know when enough is enough. You actually can post too much content and annoy your followers. There’s a happy medium that you can find by keeping a consistent schedule.

Not entirely sure how to get started? Kodo Media can help you with your Instagram Marketing campaigns. Follow us to build your Instagram audience.

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