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We identify your target market by researching what people in your niche are hash tagging and talking about, and identify the influencers they’re following who are related to your page.

We engage with your targeted niche with many different strategies. This creates massive exposure for your page. People in your target market come back to it — and start following, liking and commenting on your account. This is how we give your brand huge reach.

In this day and age, people already start to realize how important is social media. Having an Instagram account is just not enough anymore. Especially when you don’t have the time to update it regularly. Commenting and sharing content can be really time-consuming. This is where our Instagram growth service comes to play.
With KODO Media you get a polished service where you don’t have to do anything and just enjoy the benefits. And speaking about benefits here are some of them:

  • We offer the most affordable pricing that can suit everyone’s budget
  • Our dedicated employees will guide you through the booking process and answer any questions you might have
  • At Kodo Media, we offer a free Demo so that you can be certain that our service is what you need
  • We have years of experience, so you can rest assure that all the work will be done by professionals
  • Instant impact on your Instagram profile with followers and comments

Our goal is to grow your reach, so your brand can get the much-needed exposure. Make sure to check our content creation services, which can help you achieve the “viral” effect easily. Getting the right people to visit your profile will surely lead to more sales and business partnerships. Make your brand known with our Instagram growth service today!

Our proven marketing methods guarantee your posts get seen by the right audience

How it Works

Target the right people

We target your audience based on location, keywords and interests.  We find the communities that will be interested in your business, the people most likely to become your customers.

Grow an audience

Unlike some of the “others” our team grows your account the organic way.

Engage in conversations

We engage with Instagram users that are most connected to your business, and introduce them to your brand.

Convert followers to customers

Its obvious, the more people you connect with, network with, and gain as followers, the more likely it is to boost sales and revenue. Once you’ve gained a large follower base, guide them along the path to purchase with amazing photos and videos.