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How to Drive Sales Using Instagram?

Tips | October 20, 2018

Are you trying to get more sales conversions from your Instagram page? If not, you’re missing out. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms for businesses.

Why? Because its users tend to engage more with brands they follow than users on other platforms.

Here’s what you can do to drive sales to Instagram.

How to grow your Instagram?

Here’s the big thing you need to know about how to grow your Instagram sales. Marketing is about storytelling. But not all stories are done with words. After all, when you read a graphic novel or watch a movie, those are types of stories. And without the visuals, you don’t get the whole tale.

Getting sales through Instagram is about visual storytelling.

What’s visual storytelling?

Visual storytelling is creating a feeling that draws your audience in with your photos, drawings, or other images. It’s showing them the people and the processes in your business in order to create a feeling that they know you and what you value.

Including a good written story or caption along with the photo is important, but you have to draw them in first, or they’ll never read the words.

How does that drive traffic?

The key then, to getting more traffic, is to regularly post things that your target audience wants to see. How do you know what to post?

Follow these steps.

  • Think about a worldview that you want to associate with your brand. It could be something like being environmentally friendly or preferring to eat keto.
  • Post images that speak to people with your target worldview.
  •  Do not post images that are just about pushing products or advertising sale prices.
  • The goal is to appeal to your audience’s self-identity. If your product then positions itself as something that helps them be the kind of person they see themselves as, you’ll get the sale because you’ve built rapport.

Getting started

Using the tips above, start posting 1 to 2 images per day to your Instagram. This is the sweet spot for engagement without overloading followers’ attention.

Next, post an image with a special offer about once per week. You don’t want these to be the majority of your posts. But make the offer look exclusive for your followers, not cheap or pushy.

Finally, consider enlisting the help of an Instagram marketing professional, like Kodo Media, to maximize traffic and sales.

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