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How Does an Instagram Growth Service Work?

Instagram Growth Service | February 25, 2019

Is your Instagram following lacking?

It is a common problem for small businesses attempting to grow their audience organically. Owners try their hardest, looking up best practices, only to have their Instagram followers fall short of their goal.

This is understandable, of course.

Small business owners are meant to be experts within their field, not social media marketing. And most already have too much on their plates to take on the task themselves.

It might be tempting to just throw in the towel and accept your small following as the best it can be, but we have a better solution: an Instagram growth service.

With Kodo Media’s, you can grow your audience and see greater success with your social media marketing efforts for your small business.

What is an Instagram Growth Service?

The idea at the core of any Instagram growth service is to build the audience for a given page. However, the ways the services go about doing this can vary.

In some cases, the service assigns a team of social media experts to the account. In other cases, the service is just an automatic tool that takes care of basic tasks, such as liking and following.

Here at Kodo Media, we are experts on Instagram best practices. We identify the type of Instagram followers that will best serve your business’s needs. Our social media experts research your niche and associated hashtags to see who is talking about topics and influencers related to your page. Then we use various strategies to engage them.

Here are a few of the strategies we take care of for you:

  • Analyzing your existing content from your website and other platforms
  • Putting together a cohesive brand story
  • Researching what your customer community wants from you
  • Showcasing social proof from your current and past customers
  • Creating unique videos and photos that help your business stand out

The result? Engaged users who follow your page, like your posts, and start commenting. And this translates into a massive reach that increases your exposure and profits.

Is an Instagram growth service the same as buying followers?

We have all heard stories about influencers and celebrities buying followers on social media to pad their numbers. So, is this what an Instagram growth service does?

No, an Instagram growth service does not build your audience by buying followers.

Buying Instagram followers is about image, not results. For influencers and celebrities, it can help them look bigger than they actually are, helping their careers. But when a large audience isn’t real, it doesn’t interact, it doesn’t make purchases, and it doesn’t deliver the kind of results small businesses need.

With Kodo Media’s growth service, your audience is grown organically. That means all followers are real accounts that offer authentic likes, comments, and even purchases. In other words, it is more than numbers: it is real results.

Why should you focus on growing your Instagram audience?

Small businesses tend to understand why social media marketing matters, but usually are less clear on why Instagram, in particular, is so important. If you have numerous social media platforms to use, why is growing your Instagram audience so important for small business owners?

Well, there are a few reasons.

First, it is the hottest social media platform to use. About 400 million people are active on Instagram every day. Many of these users are Millennials, who have significant purchasing power and are fast becoming the population segment to focus on.

Second, it is designed in a way that businesses of any size can see success. The platform does not favor box stores or multinational conglomerates. Many of the brands that have seen the greatest amount of success on Instagram are small operations run out of people’s homes.

Third, it is designed so businesses can make money through the platform. You can create shoppable posts that encourage your Instagram followers to click “shop now,” leading them to your online store to complete their purchase.

Fourth, it makes it easy to partner with influencers. If there is one platform that influencers will always have an active presence on, it is Instagram.

And finally, Instagram is excellent for getting feedback on and insights into your business and products. Because engagement on this platform is high, it is an incredible and completely free way to better understand how customers view your company.


What are the benefits of an Instagram growth service?

Small businesses have tight budgets. So it is no wonder that many small business owners wonder why they would pay for a growth service if they could, in theory, do it themselves.

The primary benefit of using an Instagram growth service to build your audience is an increase in engagement. Because the service brings real people to your account, they interact authentically with your business.

This then translates into numerous secondary benefits. From a better brand image to increased sales, targeted growth of your audience can be a game changer for your business.

Finally, there is a benefit that tends to be overlooked, but actually makes a notable difference: time saved. Social media marketing is a full-time job, and running a small business is usually a 60 plus hours a week job already. Managing accounts, studying best practices, and growing your audience are better left to the experts.

When you weigh the costs against what you stand to gain in both results and time, Instagram growth services pay for themselves.

How Kodo Media can help you?

Here at Kodo Media, we have a record of success with our Instagram growth service. We are a team of experienced and savvy social media marketers who are well versed in best practices and proven strategies. Not only will we grow your audience, but we will do it by attracting the most ideal followers for your business.

We guarantee that your followers will all be real, engaged accounts. Our team does not rely on bots or fake profiles.

In addition to our Instagram growth, we offer a comprehensive slate of social media marketing services. When you contract with us, we tailor your plan to meet your exact needs, never forcing you to pay for things you don’t need.

Are you ready to improve your business by gaining authentic followers within your niche? Contact Kodo Media today.

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